The Summer Village of Kapasiwin has given 3rd and final reading at March 18-2021 Council Meeting.



The Summer Village of Kapasiwin has been working diligently in preparing a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) as is now a requirement under Section 632(1) of the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The MDP provides citizens information on how the municipality will address the current and future needs of the community, including land use, municipal services, and environmental considerations.

The MDP for the Summer Village of Kapasiwin received first reading on August 19, 2020, second reading on January 28, 2021 and, as per the requirements of the MGA, the Summer Village held a public hearing on the MDP via teleconference on August 26, 2020. The Summer Village of Kapasiwin has given 3rd and final reading at the March 18-2021 Council Meeting.

Land Use Bylaw




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