Crime Prevention S.V of Kapasiwin

The RCMP has recently rolled out online reporting of minor crimes through their website. This will save time for the victims or minor crimes and allow the RCMP to be more aware of what is happening in the communities. If there is evidence (eg. fingerprints) and/or a more serious crime then a phone call is recommended so an officer can investigate.

RCMP is recommending residents install a free app called Lightcatch. It has been used with great results in Grande Prairie and Red Deer. Stolen cars in Red Deer went down by 40%since the adoption. It is free for both Apple and Android phones. It allows notification of incidents within 20km of the user, the idea being that the user can be on the lookout for the prepetrator. The RCMP does not constantly monitor the app, so it is still necessary to call in if you need to report a crime. With more users, the chances increase of catching the prepetrators. The key is to create an event as soon as possible so those who recieve alerts in that area can be on the lookout.



Important Links

Lightcatch (download the free app, it alerts users of crime in your area)

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