Wabamun Area Vision

Wabamun Area Vision Project

The Stage 3 Wabamun Vision Plan is now live!
www.wabamun.ca to learn more about the project.


View and Download the Plan here:

Parkland County Council adopted the Wabamun Area Vision in December 2022. The plan will inform the long-term future of the Wabamun Lake region, helping the County make consistent, coordinated decisions about planning and development.

The vision was shaped by the community. The Wabamun Area community brought valuable knowledge and instinct to the process — a lived understanding of the area’s challenges and opportunities. There were several windows for community input throughout the plan’s development.

Stage 1 of engagement took place from April 4 - May 23, 2022

Stage 2 took place from July 3 - 31, 2022

Stage 3 took place throughout October-November 2022


Thank you to everyone who joined for events and completed online surveys.

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